The Lions

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The lion is the "King of Animals"

Lion Kenya

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But it is also the king of the idle !

The Lioness does all the work, and raises its young alone
the male joins the female only for reproduction with a coupling
every 15 minutes, but which lasts afew seconds. The lioness also has to
feed the lion, by hunting for it. Lionesses must be vigilant

otherwise its male could eat their cubs !!

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Lion Lion Lion

For the photographer, the lion is a difficult subject
It is not easy to obtain an original image of an animal
that sleeps all the time !

lion lion Lion

There are good apportunities during the period of
reproduction as well as during disputes with other
pride members. The lioness with its young remains a
favourite image of many wildlife photographer.

lion lion

lion lion

Lions live most of the time in male groups consisting
of two or three animals, and sleeping 22 hours out of 24.
The lioness raises two to three small cubs, that
will eventually become adults lions.
There is no other predator than can match the power,
the force, the speed of the lioness. It is certainly
the most harmful predator of Africa even against man !
personally, I do not know what could stop a lioness
that was intent on defending its cubs.


For lack of trees
The wind of a tree would be enough to bring some fresh air !!
Unusual shade for a Lion tribe isn't it ?

Lions Lions Lions

 The lions are resting under the shade of a plane - original isn’t it ?

The only tree for many kilometres around and the weather is very warm !!

The lioness hunted that very day, early in the morning and the whole
family had breakfast thanks to what they brought from the hunt the remains
of a Wildebeest. (The lion is a predator who hunts for its living but I do not want
to show too violent images because of the mnay children who like to view
these pictures and tell me they do not want to see the violent images.

After the breakfast, the young lions play and have a bath in a nearly dry pool
covered with leaves. They are fighting for one of the Wildebeest’s leg,
here on the picture.

Around twelve, one o’clock, it starts to be become very warm and there is no
shades around the pool. The lion family moves and looks for a quite place to rest.
We are following them in the distance, in order not to bother them; and as there
are no trees or hills around, we were astonished when they arrived at the private
landing area of a lodge and that they settled under the wing of a plane.
You can see they remain right under the shade !

Two hours later, the mechanics of the plane arrived and found it hard
to make them leave !!

The whole troop soon left, under the overwhelming heat.?


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